Fall Speaker Series: Business as an Activator of Sustainable Outcomes

September 18, 2019 12:00 am

Brent Harris from the Saint John Tool Library joins us to talk about building a sustainable future for our communities.

The Saint John Tool Library is an incorporated Non-profit company that opened its doors in June 2018. The problem we set out to address is the level of dilapidation in our city as well as to establish an alternative firmly rooted in the sharing economy.
Brent Harris, the founder, is a father, husband and an advocate for those living in poverty. He grew up in Blacks Harbour, graduated from Mount Allison, lived in Saint John for a short period of time and then moved to Hamilton, On. While there, He had an opportunity to live among refugees and immigrants and witnessed the rise of Community Organizations and New social enterprises. This was where he devoted himself to developing communities however he could.
In 2016, Brent moved back to Saint John with his wife. They moved to the South End to live among the people who were struggling and to try and get closer to the real issues affecting people day-to-day. The idea for a Tool Library emerged from that journey.