Spring Speaker Series: Global Trends in Sustainability

May 19, 2021 12:00 pm

Global Trends in Sustainability – Is there a reason for optimism?

The best time to act is now! Join us as we discuss the opportunities presented to us in this unique year and what the potential next steps may be.

The global sustainability space has evolved significantly in the last 6 months and in spite of the significant challenge, there are encouraging signs on multiple fronts in terms of action. In this session, Chris Peterson, Associate Director at Anthesis Group – the world’s largest dedicated sustainability consulting company and a BCorp – will speak to the trends that he and his global colleagues are seeing. These changes include:

  • The focusing effect of the decisive decade ‘our last best chance to avoid the worst impacts of climate change
  • A changing approach to climate change regulation from philanthropic focus to personal interest (e.g. green jobs, safety from flooding/fires, health impacts – especially for fence-line and low-income communities)
  • The investor pivot to ESG investments and the engagement of business
  • The cascading impact of COVID-19 from a sustainability perspective
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