SSJ Fall Speaker Series: Circular Economies and the Future of the Construction Industry

October 26, 2022 12:00 pm

Dustin Bowers is the founder and CEO of PLAEX Building Systems Inc. With over 18 years involved in the construction industry, he has both worked on and managed countless jobs doing everything from foundations to cabinets and granite countertops. He is also an avid environmental champion and has used and helped several people start using WVO (waste vegetable oil) as a fuel source in diesel vehicles. When he became a father in 2017,  he was motivated to develop a radical, yet simple and highly scalable solution to the massive amounts of harmful waste in the environment. Dustin has developed a patent-pending modular construction block-building system that is low-waste, no-cut*, reusable, and almost exclusively made of recycled waste materials. This system not only helps solve the plastic waste problem, but it also allows for simplified building, saving builders time and money.


Please join us on October 26th to learn how PLAEX Building Systems Inc. is designing new products and systems for the construction industry that can help us reach NetZero, reduce waste, reduce carbon, increase climate resilience, simplify renovations, and integrate with Automation.

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