SSJ Fall Speaker Series: Revolutionizing Affordable Housing with 3D Construction Printing

This month we welcome Tim Perrin to join us and speak about his experiences with 3D Construction Printing and the future he and his team are building towards.

Join us as we learn about how Paráterízo+ will utilize Extrudia’s state-of-the-art technology systems to revolutionize our built environments, addressing current and future construction needs, their use of proven sustainability and efficiency frameworks, and the path forward in the construction and affordable housing world. Together, these two companies will provide and empower real solutions that address our housing needs, in the most cost-effective, synergistic, and spectacular way.

Tim Perrin is a dynamic entrepreneur at the helm of Paráterízo+ and Extrudia Canada, two groundbreaking companies poised to revolutionize the construction industry. As the CEO of Paráterízo+, a regenerative design and build firm, and Extrudia Canada, a cutting-edge robotics and 3D construction printing company, Tim’s mission is to reshape the construction landscape with a strong focus on sustainability and innovation.

Tim Perrin’s unique blend of industry expertise, entrepreneurial spirit, and commitment to sustainability positions him as a driving force in the evolution of construction, shaping a more sustainable and regenerative future through Paráterízo+ and Extrudia Canada!

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