Path To Improvement

We believe dialogue and transferrable knowledge are the best ways to help the environment. That’s why we share ideas and resources for local businesses and organizations to improve their triple bottom line: people, profit, planet.

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In just 10 minutes, your self-assessment will:

  • Evaluate your organization’s sustainability practices.
  • Give you tips on measuring results and tracking improvements.
  • Enroll you in our recognition program.

It’s an easy way to track your organization’s sustainability progress. 

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Organic Growth

Sustainable Saint John can help your organization adopt and cultivate a culture of sustainability. Let us lead facilitated workshops with you and your team. Together, we will create benchmarks for your organization and a customized plan to identify and track your improvement priorities. Our Maturity Model Process will help you follow a clear, consistent path towards better, more mature sustainability practices.


Peer to Peer

Sustainable Saint John hosts a number of events throughout the year, including facility tours, lunch and learn, speaker series and workshops. These are great opportunities to learn about successful sustainability practices and connect with other community members who care.


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