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Precious Plastics – September 2020 Lunch and Learn

Revaluing plastic: Precious Plastics Saint John For the September Lunch and Learn session hosted by Sustainable SJ, we had Luke Arsenault from Precious Plastics Saint John share about his company […]


Uptown Saint John Inc. is a Business Improvement Association (BIA). We are a not for profit association, our funding comes from an enacted legislation from the province. An area rate […]

Central Peninsula Neighbourhood Plan

The City is launching a neighbourhood planning process for the central peninsula of Saint John, which includes the Uptown, South End, and Waterloo Village areas.


SSJ Fall Speaker Series: Solar Impact on Housing and Energy

September 20, 2023 12:00 pm

We want to welcome everyone back for our September 2023 Speaker Series! We are starting off strong this fall with a guest from Kaleidoscope Social Impact to discuss the direct […]

SSJ Fall Speaker Series: Boiling with Energy

Boiling with Energy – GNB’s People Approach to Energy Management Kate is the Executive Director of Energy Management with Service New Brunswick’s Health Services division. She has worked with Horizon […]

SSJ Fall Speaker Series: Circular Economies and the Future of the Construction Industry

October 26, 2022 12:00 pm

Dustin Bowers is the founder and CEO of PLAEX Building Systems Inc. With over 18 years involved in the construction industry, he has both worked on and managed countless jobs […]

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