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Precious Plastics – September 2020 Lunch and Learn

Revaluing plastic: Precious Plastics Saint John For the September Lunch and Learn session hosted by Sustainable SJ, we had Luke Arsenault from Precious Plastics Saint John share about his company […]


Uptown Saint John Inc. is a Business Improvement Association (BIA). We are a not for profit association, our funding comes from an enacted legislation from the province. An area rate […]

Central Peninsula Neighbourhood Plan

The City is launching a neighbourhood planning process for the central peninsula of Saint John, which includes the Uptown, South End, and Waterloo Village areas.


SSJ Fall Speaker Series: Boiling with Energy

Boiling with Energy – GNB’s People Approach to Energy Management Kate is the Executive Director of Energy Management with Service New Brunswick’s Health Services division. She has worked with Horizon […]

SSJ Fall Speaker Series: Circular Economies and the Future of the Construction Industry

October 26, 2022 12:00 pm

Dustin Bowers is the founder and CEO of PLAEX Building Systems Inc. With over 18 years involved in the construction industry, he has both worked on and managed countless jobs […]

SSJ Spring Speaker Series: Tomorrow’s Industry Works Here

June 15, 2022 12:00 pm

This month we are welcoming our Guest Speaker Denis Caron with The Port of Belledune, to speak about the sustainable future of the Port and its industry. Climate change is demanding […]

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